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Friday, October 4, 2013

Age : 22 years
Marital Status : Single
Date of Birth (DOB): 29 August 1990
Occupation : Singer

Nationality : Pakistani

About Nabeel Shaukat Ali

Nabeel Shaukat Ali is a 22 year old Pakistani Singer, belongs to Marathy family and resides in Gulberg Lahore. Nabeel Shaukat Ali is a passionate singer and started his career in singing in his early age.
His father Shaukat Ali is a role model and mentor during his early stage and he learned Harmonium from his father.

Nabeel Shaukat Ali in Sur Kshetra

Nabeel Shaukat Ali, was one of the top finalists in the Colors Sur Kshetra and was announced as the final winner in the grand finale which was held at Dubai on 20th DEcember 2012.
Other Pakistan contestants of Colors Sur Kshetra were Sara Raza Khan and Mulazzim Hussain.
The grand finale (finals) will be telecast on 29th December 2012 on Colors Channel.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

After months of mindless hostility and some quality singing on the sets of a music competition show between Indian and Pakistani young singers captained by Himesh Reshamya and Atif Aslam respectively, the Pakistani vocalist from Lahore Nabeel Shaukat Ali has won the contest on account of his versatile singing. Congratulations Nabeel S, you surely deserved the title!
However, looking back on the programme you have to underline the fact that the kind of friction the viewers saw between Atif Aslam and Himesh Reshamya resulting in not paying due respects to the judges, the legendary Runa Laila and Asha Bhonsle, was totally unnecessary. The show could have been more successful without the verbal punches.
And yes, Nabeel S also gets a chance to sing for a Boney Kapoor film. So peace!

Nabeel crowned Sur Kshetra winner

D ubai (Mohammad Umer, Nazia Umer): Nabeel Shaukat Ali, the contestant from team Pakistan, has won the trophy of Sur Kshetra, a singing talent show between India and Pakistan.
According to correspondent, the grand finale of Sur Kshetra was held at the World Trade Centre on Thursday.
Indian and Pakistani music aficionados thronged the venue at the World Trade Centre in Dubai on Thursday evening to be part of the grand finale of the reality show Sur Kshetra.
As with most events, the show began almost an hour late, but once it started it ensured the audiences were glued to their seats.
So what, if the hall was not filled to capacity, they were treated to the mastery of legends, who comprised the jury panel – Asha Bhosle, Runa Laila, Abida Parveen, Ghulam Ali, Ismail Darbar, Sajjad, and Suresh Wadkar.
Once the teams stepped on to the stage, the crowd turned noisy. The audiences gathered, however, seemed to support the Pakistani singers more.
Pakistan team’s mentor Atif Aslam was the favourite, with girls especially hooting for him. And when he rendered his 5-minutes medley the crowd went berserk.
Himesh Reshamiya, Indian team’s mentor did not fail to impress either. He belted out 25 of his songs in 14 minutes. ‘Mujhe yaad sataye teri’, ‘Go go Govinda’ and ‘Hookah bar’ got the crowd on their feet.
But once the contestants took stage, it was serious business. The judges were seen attentively listening and so were the mentors, who were both seated on stage.
 There were six contestants each from both teams. They were eliminated one by one and finally there were six finalists on the bench: Three from Pakistan and Three from India.
From the six contestants the jury chose four contestants: Dil Jaan and Yash Raj from India and Nabeel Shaukat Ali and Mulazim Hussain from Pakistan.
There were two rounds in Finale. In the first round the competition was held between Dil Jaan and Yash Raj. Dil Jaan won this first Round.
In the second round the competition was held between Nabeel Shaukat Ali and Mulazim Hussain. Nabeel Shaukat Ali won this second round.
The audience seemed to like Nabeel Shaukat Ali, while Yash Raj and Diljaan were the judges favourites.
Then the third and final round of finale took place between Dil Jaan and Nabeel Shaukat Ali.
Both the contestants were given a variety of songs to sing. As Dil Jaan can only sing one type of songs so he remained unsuccessful in singing few songs. Nabeel Shaukat Ali excellently sung all the songs because of his versatility and so he was declared winner!
Nabeel was awarded 200,000/- Rs,  Suzuki Motorbyce, Touchmet Tablet, Gold Button Jacket, and the beautiful Sur Kshetra Trophy!

Nabeel Shaukat Ali Demands Now 1 Lac For Each TV Program Nabeel Shaukat Ali From Pakistan . Won SurKshtra Program and Stand 1st From Pakistan All Over The World. We Know He’s The No. Singer But Now A Days He Demands And Fixed 1 Lac For Each Program , Interview , Etc.He Already Sings For The Upcoming Bollywood Movie “NO ENTRY”. May Allah Guide Him To The Right Path

Nabeel Shaukat Ali

Age : 23
Nationality : Pakistani
Occupation : Singer
How we know him : He is a Pakistani contestant in SurKshetra
Star Sign : Virgo
Nabeel Shaukat Ali is a singer by profession. He has studied music under the tutelage of Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan. He won Azme Alishan National Song Competition season II in 2011. He is pursuing a career in music apart from doing his Masters.